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Our Podcast delivers valuable information to our students.

Current Testing Cycle Curriculum

Listen as Mrs. Shannon Guse discusses the current curriculum and weapons of our testing cycle here at Changing Lives Martial Arts.

Mrs.Rambow’s Martial Arts Journey

This is Mrs. Rambow's story about how she started martial arts as a child and how it has changed her life for the better.

Meet Mrs. Liz Beddow

Join Mrs. Morin as she speaks with 5th Degree Black Belt, Liz Beddow.

Features and Benefits of Our Program

Listen in as Mrs. Guse discusses the features and benefits of our programs.

How to Become a Morning Person

Join Mrs. Rambow as she discusses how to become more of a morning person.


A breakdown of this month's life skill...communication. Communication is important for all aspects of life, especially during this time. Let's break it down!

Why Do We Break Things Down With Mrs. Rambow

Have you ever wondered why we break things down when we teach?! Listen as Mrs. Rambow talks about the why we teach the way we do!

Interview with Chief Master Stauffer of Charleston, SC

Mrs. Morin gets some insider info from Chief Master Stauffer, an 8th Degree Black Belt AND Chief Master Thomas' instructor!