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Krav Maga

Students are provided a high quality, internationally-approved Krav Maga course curriculum with defined practical concepts for all, from novice to advanced.

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Krav Maga classes at Changing Lives Krav Maga provide classes for students of all experience levels. Studying Krav Maga is a fun, effective way to stay in shape, increase focus and speed, and learn to defend yourself. Furthermore, you will make some friends in the process! Master Tracy Lee Thomas selects and trains instructors to carry out the vision set forth when opening our three facilities listed below. Course curriculum provides students with high quality, internationally approved practical concepts, from the novice to advanced levels.

CLKM consists of three top-notch Krav Maga facilities in Virginia Beach, VA, perfect for you and your family. The skills students will learn here are fundamental to the ancient art of Taekwondo as well as kickboxing, boxing, MMA, Karate, and other popular competitive disciplines. Perfect for those looking to pick up a few self-defense and personal protection techniques because it focuses on countering attacks from opponents. Having the ability to defend yourself and others at a moment’s notice can be the most important goal you’ve ever set and achieve!

Training at Changing Lives Krav Maga is a great way to start your journey into better physical and mental fitness too. Most common uses of Krav Maga all over the world are for sport, overall self-improvement, better success, health, and longevity. Our expert Krav Maga instructors, under the guidance of Master Tracy Lee Thomas, ensure that you are always doing the techniques correctly to develop proper muscle memory and automatic reflex. This is important to keep you and other students safe from injury. At Changing Lives Martial Arts, we employ industry-leading equipment, policies, and procedures to promote ‘safety first’ as you pursue awesome, attainable self-defense, fitness, personal, and professional goals in the Krav Maga.

Serving 3 convenient locations in the Virginia Beach & Chesapeake Communities!

Changing Lives Krav Maga serving Princess Anne
3809 Princess Anne Road Suite 115
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456
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Changing Lives Krav Maga serving Red Mill
2277 Upton Drive Suite 704
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456
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Changing Lives Krav Maga serving Greenbrier
1400 Kempsville Suite 102 Chesapeake
Virginia 23320
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