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Partners In Education

Helping Local Schools Make a Difference


“Changing Lives Martial Arts believes in utilizing their Instructors and staff to assist the public schools as volunteers to help the growth and education of the youth within our community”. The city needs volunteers and the support of businesses that are willing to work with the school system, teachers, and the students for the well being of their education. Changing Lives Martial Arts contributes financially to the volunteer PTA programs, and the school’s themselves with various contributions that ease the financial strain within the public school system and their supported needs.

“It is about making a difference in a child’s life, class rooms have a large student base and the teachers need our assistance as volunteers and as role models”.

  • After School Programs
  • Background Check on All Instructors
  • City of VA Beach Public Schools
  • Certified Volunteer Coordinator Staff Member
  • PE Class Interaction
  • Stranger Danger Programs
  • Self-Defense Programs
  • Safe-Defense Programs
  • School and ATA Martial Arts Demos & Assemblies
  • PTA Support
  • Mentoring Program
  • Lunch Buddies
  • Fund Raising
  • Field Day and Event Volunteers
  • Reading
  • Promoting Principles of American Citizenship
  • Junior Achievement Program
  • Positive Role Models
  • Special Ability Programs

Meet Our School Partners

Check out Virginia Beach Schools at Want your school to partner with us? Contact our Academy Administrator at 757-797-6004 today.