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Changing Lives Martial Arts Has The Best Back to School Program in Hampton Roads, VA (With Locations in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake)!

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Children Learn The Most When They Don’t Realize They Are Learning!

The 3 Words Most Kids Dread: Back To School!

That much anticipated time of the year again is upon us, back to school time! Although, your child(ren) may not be as excited as you are for school to be starting again. For most, they just enjoy the leisure life that often is brought about by summer, which can open the door to lazy habits to form. In other cases, children can struggle in new environments. Any number of reasons may cause this, but bringing them out of the slump can be difficult!


When children learn technique the possibilities are tremendous of what they can accomplish; not only in Martial Arts, beyond it as well! Consider the back to school program from Changing Lives Martial Arts in Hampton Roads, VA (With Locations in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake). Our Instructors provide excellent knowledge and teach valuable life skills through our Martial Arts Program! Classes are high energy and fun, most of all translate into in the school room!






At Changing Lives Martial Arts spots fill up quickly for our Back to School Program because parents love our program’s flexibility and kids can’t wait to get here.

Your child will stay occupied with activities that engage them and peak their imagination. They will enjoy martial arts games with their friends and have plenty of assistance with getting their homework done.

Joining the Changing Lives Martial Arts Back to School Program provides boundless opportunities in areas beyond the school curriculum.

Let’s Discuss A Few!

Attention & Memory

Sharpen and enhancing these abilities will heighten your child’s performance both academically and socially

Social Awareness

Learning to treat others with respect, learning self defense and raising their self esteem

Physical Fitness

Martial Arts is not about fighting, it is about the anticipation and knowing how to handle real life scenarios

Self Confidence

Martial Arts encourages children to believe they can instead of making students feel like they have to

Inspiration & Motivation

Children look up to those they trust, Changing Lives Martial Arts great instructors inspire their students to achieve that which they don’t see as possible


A key part of Martial Arts is respecting your peers, instilling courtesy at a young age is a very special trait to have growing up

What Our Parents Are Saying

See What Our Parents in Hampton Roads, VA (With Locations in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake) Say About Our Programs

mom and son
Karate Kids

Our son began his Tae Kwon Do training at the age of 5. Football was my first choice...wife said, "no!" Chief Master Thomas's instructors at the time, which included Mr. C. Gunsel, did not coddle him or baby him. Instead, the black belts immediately built in our son a strong foundation comprising of self-discipline, respect, and confidence through positive reinforcement. Once he stepped onto the mat; he never looked back. Five years later, he is a 2nd degree black belt and a junior instructor. This achievement required dedication and sacrifice from a young kid; such as skipping the Ipod/TV after school, instead study and finish the homework in order to make it to Tae Kwon Do class on time. It also required active participation, dedication, and financial sacrifice from the parents/guardians. I'm an old school martial arts student and I thought that my son was too young to teach others; that he received his black belt too fast and too early. Each day that I get the chance, to watch our son assist the newer students; to watch him practice the art; and to have him compete in tournaments.....he proves me wrong in ever thinking he wasn't ready. ATA Changing Lives Martial Arts can provide martial artists the ability to obtain an effective skill set that transcends outside the dojang.

Boy and Girl Karate Students

Your Child is in a Safe, Supervised Environment

Parents will appreciate the professional coordination, safe and supervised setting, and the variety of physical activities that keep their children engaged in our Back to School Program. You can feel safe with our qualified staff who will take good care of your child’s needs. Our program gives your child the flexibility to choose whatever activity that they would like during their after school time. They can work on homework, study or join in one of our fun martial arts activities.

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Enjoy the freedom to work, shop or study knowing that your child is in a safe and supervised environment.