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Adult Martial Arts

Changing Lives Martial Arts Martial Arts for Teens and Adults classes give you self-confidence while improving your personal safety and physical, mental & emotional capacities.

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At Changing Lives Martial Arts, we're here to empower you through martial arts, enhancing physical fitness and self-defense skills.


Our martial arts training offers a comprehensive fitness regimen, aiding overall health and weight control. Benefit from muscle-building cardio workouts.


Achieve greater self-confidence as you master new skills and progress through our martial arts ranks. Forge meaningful bonds with fellow students.


From fundamental self-defense techniques to situational awareness training, we prepare you to defend yourself in various settings, including home and community.


In Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, our adult martial arts programs at Changing Lives Martial Arts help you manage daily stress and promote well-being.


Discover your perfect training time with our accommodating martial arts class schedule, designed to fit your busy life.

Our Martial Arts Team Takes Great Pride In The Reviews We Receive

See What Our Community Members in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Say About Our Programs

The professional and friendly staff takes a very personal interest in the development of all students and knows their names by the end of the first workout. The reality-based Krav Maga classes are fun and challenging for students of all skill and fitness levels. After only three months I've lost 22 pounds and, more importantly, I feel more energetic and confident in my ability to use what I've learned and my surroundings to my advantage if the need presents itself. I strongly recommend CLMA to anyone aiming to boost their physical fitness and feel great about themselves.

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Did You Know?

Many People Are Attending Changing Lives Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake So They Don't Become A Statistic


3.4% RISE


An estimated 1,248,185 violent crimes occurred in 2016 according to FBI Crime Statistics. We are faced with a world that needs martial arts training to give community members the confidence to defend themselves.


8 in 10


At Changing Lives Martial Arts we believe in helping our community members manage their stress through physical and mental martial arts training. Our instructors help each student one-on-one to achieve their personal goals.


1 in 5


Adults need our support. We work hand in hand with students to assure that they make the right choices. At Changing Lives Martial Arts we will help you to raise your fitness level and self-confidence while teaching you to defend yourself.

Steady, Diverse Advancements

Our adult classes, led by a team of professional and inspiring instructors, are designed for steady, diverse advancements. Backed by curriculums tested and approved by Martial Arts expert LainaLee Rambow, you'll train in a clean, convenient, secure, and modern facility. We've structured the material to guide individuals through incremental development into skilled martial artists, drawing inspiration from various competitive disciplines. The training system at Changing Lives Martial Arts ensures that anyone willing to try, learn, and persevere can become a proficient martial arts practitioner.

Personal Triumphs at Changing Lives Martial Arts

Students will acquire diverse and practical techniques for realistic scenarios through repeated solo and partner exercises. The most significant benefits of our system include:

  • Skill development for conflict management
  • Stress reduction through tension release
  • Increased resistance to common daily-life temptations

Martial Arts Training for All Skill Levels

At Changing Lives Martial Arts, we offer martial arts classes for adults of all experience levels and backgrounds. It's a fun, effective, and increasingly popular way to maintain fitness, improve focus and speed, build friendships, and learn self-defense. Our instructors are carefully chosen and trained to embody the vision set forth when opening our facility. Students receive a high-quality, approved course curriculum with practical concepts suitable for everyone, from novices to advanced practitioners.

This is a GIFT that will last a lifetime through school, college and into the work world.

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2 Weeks FREE!
FREE Uniform upon enrollment

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Reasons to Choose Changing Lives Martial Arts

Curious why so many members of our community, including the general public, local city residents, first responders, government employees, and more, choose Changing Lives Martial Arts for their martial arts training? The answer lies in the array of benefits our program offers. From acquiring essential self-defense skills to enhancing physical fitness and personal growth, our school provides a holistic experience. Our inclusive and supportive community fosters lasting friendships and a sense of belonging. Join the ranks of those who have harnessed the transformative potential of martial arts at Changing Lives Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

Safe Self Defense

At Changing Lives Martial Arts, we prioritize your safety above all else. Our self-defense training is not just about learning techniques; it's about preparing you for the unpredictable challenges of life. Our program is rooted in real-world scenarios, ensuring you're ready to protect yourself in any situation. Whether you're at home, in your car, at work, shopping, jogging, or on vacation with your family, our training equips you with practical skills. We place a strong emphasis on situational awareness, empowering you to assess threats and respond effectively. Your well-being is our top concern.

Enhanced Fitness Levels

No matter your current fitness level, our martial arts program welcomes individuals from all backgrounds. Whether you consider yourself an athlete or not, our experienced instructors will tailor the training to suit your specific needs and abilities. Regardless of your starting point, our program will challenge and elevate your physical fitness. We acknowledge your uniqueness, and through consistent practice, you'll witness improvements in flexibility, core strength, endurance, and overall fitness. Our mission is to help you achieve your fitness goals while enjoying the journey.

Concentration and Focus

In today's fast-paced world, adults often grapple with maintaining concentration and focus amid life's distractions. Our martial arts classes present a unique solution. Through disciplined training, you'll sharpen your ability to concentrate and stay focused, both on and off the mat. The mental discipline honed in martial arts seamlessly translates into various facets of your life, enhancing productivity, decision-making, and overall well-being. Whether you aspire to excel in your career, academics, or personal pursuits, refining your concentration and focus is a valuable skill you'll cultivate at Changing Lives Martial Arts.