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Martial Arts and ADD/ADHD in Young Children

January 28, 2015

Attention deficit disorder, commonly referred to ADD, is a condition that afflicts a large number of young children in today’s society. The condition is characterized by a diminished ability to concentrate on a particular task for prolonged periods of time. In some cases, the condition can also lead to constant feelings of restlessness. In this case, it is referred to as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Both these conditions, in whatever degree, can seriously hamper the way in which a child functions both at home, at school, and in public. As a parent who has a child that is suffering from ADD or ADHD, it is extremely important to understand the condition before putting into place measures to cope with and counter it.

No need to be over-worried

The first thing to understand about the condition is that your child may not truly have it at all. Parents are often so worried about the way their children are developing that they often look to these conditions as possible reasons for skewed development. However, it is important to understand that children, more often than not, are naturally impulsive, curious, and restless. In some cases though, the condition can be quite pronounced. Another thing to remember is that the condition is treatable and certainly not permanent, as long as the right course of action is taken at an early stage.

Children who suffer from ADD/ADHD experience a range of symptoms and feelings that can be quite disconcerting for them. In many cases, a child can experience a feeling of disillusionment and disconnectedness with the environment around them. Simply reprimanding a child with ADD constantly is not the solution. A better course of action may be in empowering the child and building self-esteem and focus in a number of ways. Karate for kids classes are an exceptional environment for children of all abilities and conditions.

Do not rush to the doctor

A mistake that many parents of children who have ADD/ADHD often make is to rush to the doctor to have medication prescribed. However, in most cases, medication should be viewed as a last resort. Parents should take some time out to develop learning strategies that help their children cope with the pressures around them, whether this is at school or at home. When children begin to internalize these learning techniques, they will naturally build their cognitive function over time to appropriate levels. If parents are unsure of how to deal with problem, it is highly recommended to visit a psychologist to better inform and prepare themselves and find supportive resources.