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Students bowing respectfully

Changing Lives Martial Arts Teaches Respect

February 19, 2021

Students bowing respectfully

Karate students bow in respect

By Changing Lives Martial Arts, locations in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach


Changing Lives Martial Arts is a high quality school in the Hampton Roads area that provides Martial Arts training with a range of programs and options for adults and children alike, and a host of benefits at every level. “Martial Arts” encompasses many different disciplines.  Schools such as Changing Lives Martial Arts often offer training in multiple disciplines, such as Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, MMA, or Krav Maga, a fiercely effective combat system developed and used by Israeli Defense Forces. Methods and moves vary between the disciplines, but one distinct virtue that all of these styles share is the deeper sense of respect practitioners develop: respect for the art, for family, teachers, peers, seniors, juniors, authority, duty, community, life generally, and perhaps most importantly – respect for one’s self. 


Martial Arts and Respect 

There are a number of key principles that underlie and unify traditional Martial Arts training programs. There is one main principle that is fundamental and integral to training at Changing Lives Martial Arts: respect – learning to both show respect and to earn it. Respect is a philosophical cornerstone of most reputable, traditional Martial Arts training facilities. In both concept and practice, respect is key to how martial arts can help improve people’s lives. This is particularly true with regard to our children and teen students, whose perceptions, attitudes, and interpersonal skills are still being influenced and developed. Changing Lives Martial Arts offers programs for kids and teens designed to promote positive behavior both on and off the training mat. The considerate, self-controlled, active-listening, and respectful manner in which our instructors, staff, and students conduct training and interactions has a powerful effect on our students’ outlooks and other aspects of their lives. Changing Lives Martial Arts also promotes a culture of courtesy and self-discipline, and delivers to committed students greater self-esteem and improved self-confidence. 

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