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Martial arts teaches kids to be calm

May 24, 2023

You might find it incongruous to say or think that the martial arts teaches kids how to be calm. After all, isn’t it all about kids screeching at the top of their lungs as they pummel each other with pads and so on?
But oddly, or maybe not so oddly enough, it’s true. The martial arts can and does teach children how to behave, and act in a more calm and composed manner.
It’s because they learn discipline, and the value, and reward of it. And that’s a key aspect of the training. Discipline is the first lesson kids learn because they enter into that kind of relationship with the instructor. They must be obedient in order to receive instruction. If they aren’t, they can’t remain in the class, very simple. Those are the rules. And they learn to respect the instructor because the instructor is providing guidance, training, wisdom and more. And when they act respectfully they are given in return. The same applies to their relationships with other students. So in the very beginning a relationship of discipline and mutual respect is created. Over the course of many classes it becomes a habit, because it is an action repeated, and repeated again until it becomes nature.
Once this has been learned, they can advance to other lessons which reinforce this as well. That’s because they learn punches, kicks, mobility, and so on, and in order to perform these things they have to control themselves, they must discipline themselves. The instructor requires them to be obedient because they have to learn how to do things safely in the controlled environment of the class. And naturally, through the course of such activity students will get bumps and bruises, just as they will playing sports, or any other physical activity.
It’s a hard way to learn, but a fast one.
So they then understand the reason for obedience and discipline is so they can do things safely.
Oftentimes the instructor will have them match up, face off and train with one another. And in the course of this, excitement, energy, emotions and so on can threaten their control, and so they have to learn to control their emotions, control their actions, and discipline themselves according to a certain standard of conduct. So again, through the course of repetition and habit they begin naturally applying these positive lessons to their mindset and actions. It becomes nature.
What’s more they learn that rewards follow discipline. Good things happen for them when they listen closely and do as they’re told. This translates into a strong life skill, that they learn they must sometimes be disciplined and obedient in life, and when they do, they are rewarded with more time to themselves, time to play, time to spend on things they want. They become more reliable, and trusted by others, and many doors are opened to them in terms of what they can accomplish for themselves when they act with discipline, respect, and obedience.
As with any habit, it takes time to break an old one and form a new one, but it does happen. And the results are visible. Kids understand that when they go to class there is a time for them to be excitable, active, and physical, but there is also a time when they must listen closely, pay attention, and follow instruction. This follows them into the world outside the school, and they find themselves acting in the same way at school, they listen closely, they pay attention, they study and get good grades. And they understand that there is time for them to play, and be energetic.
In essence the martial arts teaches kids to govern themselves according to a certain acceptable standard of conduct. And this temperament follows them into their life outside the school.
This is also effective because it takes place in a class-like environment where they have friends. And kids often like to do as their friends are doing. So one kid begins to follow instruction, pay attention and do the right things and soon an entire class is doing it because again, they want to do as their friends are.
And when this is used to enforce and reinforce good and positive habits the results can be amazing. Parents everywhere have remarked that their kids become better behaved, and more disciplined, calm, and respectful after a period of time training in the martial arts.
Examples like this can similarly be found in many other sports and team activities that kids participate in. They can be positively influenced through group behavior, and that’s a good thing because it sets them up for greater successes as they grow older, and later in life.
And for those who might be skeptical of whether or not the martial arts can be effective at teaching and training kids to be more calm, and well conducted, we simply invite you to come into a martial arts school, sit in on a class, and see for yourself how young people act.
It will change your mind, and your perspective.
The martial arts today is exploding in popularity for kids, and that’s because it delivers on everything promised. It helps kids develop positive, and productive habits. It helps kids overcome fears, and doubts, and helps them develop a positive image of themselves based on accomplishment and success. That creates a solid sense of self worth and value that can’t be undermined easily. And these are just a few of the things that help kids act calmer, and conduct themselves calmly, because they are ultimately more sure of themselves, confident, and mindful of their actions.

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