Woman hitting an attacker in the face

Reality Based

Reality Based Martial Arts Training – Krav Maga-Mixed Martial Arts-CST The Mixed Martial Arts, Combat Systems Training and Reality Based Training we utilize is simplistic in nature and is for everyone in the community. It offers a wide variety of benefits for both street defense reality based training, competitors, non-competitors, and those simply looking for […]

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Advanced Training

Changing Lives Martial Arts and Krav Maga teaches martial arts advanced training serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Norfolk in Hampton Roads. Martial Arts Weapons Training Systems… Under the direction of Chief Master Thomas, provides advanced martial arts weapons training for students, instructors and school owners. With top notch student and instructors class planners it […]

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Martial Arts Summer Camps

At Changing Lives Martial Arts we offer a variety of summer activities with our Martial Arts Summer Program and the Martial Arts Summer Camp. Our facility has been serving our community with Summer fun and healthy activities for many years in rp_Location1_rp. rp_Owner_rp, the founder of Changing Lives Martial Arts has a unique karate kid […]

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