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Advanced Training

June 19, 2017

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Changing Lives Martial Arts and Krav Maga teaches martial arts advanced training serving Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Suffolk and Norfolk in Hampton Roads.

Martial Arts Weapons Training Systems…

Under the direction of Chief Master Thomas, provides advanced martial arts weapons training for students, instructors and school owners. With top notch student and instructors class planners it easy see why so many of the karate schools are utilizing the Changing Lives Martial Arts Weapons programs that are not only safe and fun, but a great way to build motor skills and develop a higher martial arts skill set. Programs are used by instructors to improve their personal skills, as well as for enhancement to their school programs.

Ssahng Jeol Bong (Nunchucku)

nunchackuThis course was developed primarily for advanced weapons training in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake martial arts schools. From the CLMA “Karate for Kids” to the “Martial Arts For Adults” it gives students a solid foundation in the basics of the Ssahng Jeol Bong and helps them understand how this exciting weapon works. The material taught in this course is taken from several different karate, kung fu and martial arts backgrounds, pulling the best and the most effective karate techniques from each. As with other martial art weapons, the benefits include improved upper body development, better hand-eye coordination, increased concentration, and a great deal of fun. We are sure you will find this course to be both challenging and extremely enjoyable. Changing Lives Martial Arts offers all new students a FREE weapons workshop.

Single Stick, Double Stick, & Disarming

Double StickThis martial arts course highlights the most popular techniques of the Filipino stick fighting systems, as well as incorporates aspects of Japanese, Chinese and Korean martial arts. The stick course gives students the basics for training in just about any weapons system. It also helps develop hand-eye coordination and is great physical exercise. The organization now offers combat training in class, with stick fighting workshops, and competition in a safe and fun environment. Whether it’s a local karate tournament, a regional martial arts tournament, National Martial Arts stick fighting tournament, or the organizations World Championships… this course and competition may be right for you!

Jahng Bong (Long Staff)

jang bongThis course offers one of the most effective long range weapons used in early Korea. It is a combination of Chinese, Korean and Japanese techniques which allows us to use the best of each style. Techniques are utilized form the traditional martial arts styles such as; Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Wushu and Tai Chi to name a few karate styles. Besides learning this dynamic weapon, the benefits include increased self-defense skills and tremendous upper body strength, as well as improved concentration, coordination, focus and self confidence. Once again, this weapon although different from the short stick can be used in martial arts tournaments in forms competition, extreme martial arts (XMA) and tournament point systems in a safe environment for both kids and adults. CLMA offers ONE FREE CLASS!

Safe Defense Training Systems Certification Programs

Joint Manipulation & Throwing Techniques

joint manipulationThis course combines joint manipulation, Hapkido & Aikido techniques. It is perfect for community members who would like to learn techniques like they see on television and in the movies. Yes! These techniques work in the real world. We also feel this program will be of interest to all students trying to broaden their own personal training and knowledge on their path in the world of martial arts.

Ground Fighting

ground fightingA good martial artist can protect themself in a self defense situation standing up or from the ground. Many self-defense situations end up on the ground where the martial arts strikes, kicks and combatives are not always effective. Learn the techniques that can help you WIN THE BATTLE on the ground. The organizations mixed martial arts style is called IMS. It utilizes techniques used in reality street defense scenarios, MMA Fights, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, and in various combative armed and unarmed law enforcement and military situations.

Street Self Defense

knife defenseThis course teaches you the most effective awareness, confidence, blocking and striking techniques for defense on the street. Based on Muay Thai Boxing techniques and Krav Maga, students will be equipped with the knowledge and skill sets to defend themselves on the street. Although this program is dynamic and high impact, the course curriculum utilizes a safe and fun training course planner that incorporates fitness training with reality based training that works.

Spontaneous Knife Defense

weapons self-defenseThis course is taken primarily from the Filipino knife system and offers an inside look at how people use knives, as well as the most effective way to live through a knife attack. The martial arts training will also cover knife training, knife stances, analysis of knife cuts and cutting targets. Having the awareness to recognize a potential threat is one of the first steps in becoming more confident in a self defense situation.
Both Changing Lives Martial Arts and Krav Maga teach multi-tiered knife defense workshops to the community from basic to advance. Call Today for more details, it could save a life!

P.P.C.T. (Pressure Point Control Tactics)

hand cuffingThis course is the original course offered by CLMA Training Systems used primarily for work in conjunction with local law enforcement. It includes the “principles of control.” This program has been legally, medically and tactically researched to put it on the forefront of control tactics. It is currently used by many secret service agencies and law enforcement agencies to restrain a threat.

S.H.A.R.P. (Sexual Harassment Assault ~ Rape Prevention)

krav maga kneeThe S.H.A.R.P. course includes three sections including: 1) prevention and psychology, 2) professional and 3) social harassment and assault countermeasures. This is great self defense for women in the workplace, on the street or those who are in the military. Women can and should feel safe and in control of their surroundings. Teaching the basic defense tactics and sexual harassment assault and rape prevention gives women the confidence needed in todays world. Call today and try ONE FREE CLASS and Bring A Friend!
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Krav Maga Training Facility

What is Krav Maga?

krav maga elbowKrav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, and has been taught to hundreds of United States law enforcement agencies and thousands of civilians and Military personnel in the United States.


fitnessYour health and your body are worth fighting for – that’s the philosophy of the Krav Maga Conditioning Program at the Krav Maga Worldwide Training Centers.
Our Krav Maga Conditioning Program offers specialized and unique fitness classes that you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you are interested in fitness classes only, or you wish to enhance your Krav Maga self defense and fighting training, the Krav Maga Conditioning Program brings a fresh experience to the total body workout.
We welcome students of all levels in our fitness classes.


krav maga elbowKrav Maga can help any woman learn self defense safely. It is a great way to build confidence, muscle and the strength that will help in any dangerous situation. You can’t anticipate an attack, but you can be ready for it. Learn women’s Krav Maga and start preparing to ward off any attacker. Stay Safe & Don’t be a target!


krav top mainKrav Maga can help any woman learn self defense safely. It is a great way to build confidence, muscle and the strength that will help in any dangerous situation. You can’t anticipate an attack, but you can be ready for it. Learn women’s Krav Maga and start preparing to ward off any attacker. Stay Safe & Don’t be a target!

Law Enforcement

krav maga for law enforcementKrav Maga has been tested in every law enforcement and military environment – from front lines to back streets, from prisoner transport to “take no prisoners.” Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, this reality-based system is designed to teach real self defense in the shortest possible time. Learn to defend against common chokes, grabs, and bearhugs, as well as weapons such as guns, knives, and sticks. How would you respond in these situations?
Click here to visit the official site for Krav Maga in the USA…Just as important, we teach people to function during the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter. Tested on the battlefield and in the streets, Krav Maga’s practical approach to self defense will make you safer and more secure.

To acquire the skill necessary to handle an assailant in a violent confrontation or an enemy in battle, training is required. Training in a fighting method means dealing physically (from light to full contact) and mentally with one or more partners. Training may also consist of utilizing a punching bag, focus mitts, other training pads or contact suits – to build one’s skills. Techniques can be improved and refined by performing them “dry,” i.e., without the interaction of a partner or the resistance of a punching bag… in essence, by physically performing them “to the air.” Our objective is for the student to participate in all types of training without getting hurt.