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The importance of kids learning self defense

May 24, 2023

The importance of kids learning self defense cannot be understated, more especially in the world we live in today. Threats are everywhere, and more rampant than seemingly ever before.
But that also reminds us of the importance of warriors in society, and that their need has always been present. Historically warriors were simply the most able bodied men of the community capable and committed to its defense. They walked the walls and guarded the community and members of it against all threats. They watched the night so the rest could sleep peacefully in their beds. They guarded the gates, and provided peace for all those within. They provided stability, and opportunity for the community to grow.
You see, their focus, and motivation was always for the safety and sanctity of the community.
And by their own actions put the community and its safety before that of their own.
But it goes without saying they were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves as well.
It was to the detriment of any who met them in a dark alley and tried to force their will upon them.
And that is no different today, than it was then. The rules still apply, and the conditions still apply if even the scenery has changed, and perhaps the size of our communities.
Indeed, it might well be said that today, even barbarians and threats live within the community, and are in fact more of a threat there than they are from without it. Which means it’s important that warriors belong to the community. And it’s important that as many of us understand the value of that as possible.
It’s been said many times, and bears repeating because it is so important. Parents will not always be there for their kids, to protect them or guard them. And as they grow older this will become increasingly more the case. And so it’s critical for their safety that we do what we can to provide for that. And the best way to do that is to teach them to protect themselves, to feel confident in and of themselves and to understand that they are not a victim, and they have a right to not live in fear.
The community belongs to them, not to those who would demolish it and terrorize it and tear it down. And if our kids can be taught that, they will grow into strong, capable, and confident adults who are absolutely dedicated to their communities and to protecting them.
And the best way to ensure this result is to enroll them in the martial arts. And here’s why.
First off, the martial arts represents a community of its own. The kids will grow up and into that as they train. They will come to see that community as one they belong to. And they’ll understand the value of it in their lives because it provides for them support, reassurance, wisdom, and security. And they’ll see it as being a thing they are a part of. They’ll inherently want to protect that and value it.
Next they’ll learn things like discipline, and respect, which teaches them to conduct themselves properly and govern their thoughts, emotions, and actions.
They’ll treat others the way they wish to be treated.
All of these things will contribute to the way they view the larger community around them as they leave the martial arts school and participate in a life out there.
And ultimately they’ll be able to defend themselves against those who would try to victimize them. But they’ll be equipped with the knowledge that they earned their skill set through hard work and effort. They’ll have confidence in their capabilities, and they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. They won’t be pushed around and bullied, and they’ll be among the warriors that protect and defend the community they’ve come to cherish and respect and love.
All these things will contribute to creating a well adjusted, positive and productive young adult who values community, and respects others as they respect themselves. They’ll resist negative influences and understand the dangers. They’ll seek out positive influences and build upon them so that they can continue to grow and mature and strengthen themselves against the dangers out there.
And because they were trained in a class environment with a smaller community, they’ll see the value of teamwork, and seek out other like minded people who want to genuinely make a difference. And they’ll be more likely to seek out professions that allow them to do that such as police or firemen, or others. They’ll want to naturally contribute to a community and strengthen that community just as they themselves have been strengthened.
You see, at the end of the day one of the most valuable gifts we can give our kids is the gift of self respect. That alone assures that they’ll understand the threat of negative influences from all quarters, and they’ll understand that they have a right to live in peace, free of fear.
And for as long as they are warriors, they’ll not live as subjects to fear, but the master of it.
And we cannot do better for our kids than to allow them to grow and mature in an environment that champions and teaches that. And that environment is the martial arts.

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