Krav Maga has changed my life

Testimonial 16 Krav Maga has changed my life
Testimonial 16 100x100 Krav Maga has changed my life

I first became interested in krav maga after seeing something on TV. So I became curious and searched for places that taught it on the internet and came across the ATA. I called and was told I was welcome to come in and try a class for free to see if it was for me. So I agreed and went in not knowing what to expect. I had read that the workouts were intense but nothing I had read prepared me for what I was about to experience.

Now I played football all throughout high school and college and have lifted more weights, ran more wind sprints, and had more 2 a day practices than I would like to remember. .I honestly didn’t think that a martial arts class would be as physically taxing as anything I had experienced in the past. About 10 minutes into the class, I realized just how wrong I had been. From the moment we stepped on the floor for the warm-up, we were going full tilt. It started with 3 rounds of punching a bag for a minute followed by a one minute round of pushups. Then it was on to kicks and sit-ups. I was gassed in 20 minutes. Luckily that’s about the time when our instructor began to show us choke defense techniques.

I was really impressed the simplicity of the techniques and how they can be effective for a person of any size or physical stature. Also the mentality that was being really impressed me as well. The instructors teach to avoid conflict and confrontation at all costs, however if you are attacked or forced to defend yourself, you cannot hesitate or have any self-doubt about what you must do to survive. I was immediately hooked. Not only was this the most challenging workout I have ever come across, but I was learning techniques to defend myself in real-life situations, and learning multiple ways to handle myself based on the situation and the level of escalation.

I can honestly say that krav maga and the ATA have positively changed my life. I have lost nearly 30lbs doing krav as well as I have more confidence than ever, that in any adverse situation, I WILL overcome and prevail. I have also more discipline and leadership than I thought I could imagine. I am now a school teacher and I had to relocate and leave the ATA to pursue my career in education. However I am planning on continuing my own education in krav maga and perhaps other forms of martial arts. I have set a goal for myself to be a certified instructor of krav maga one day. I am extremely grateful to the ATA and Senior Master Thomas for making this a part of my life. I would highly recommend krav maga and the ATA to ANYONE looking to boost their confidence, become mentally strong enough to handle any situation, or just to get in better shape. They will help you reach whatever goals you have set for yourself as they have helped me.

Jared B.