Great for Self-Confidence

Testimonial 13 Great for Self Confidence
Testimonial 13 100x100 Great for Self Confidence

The leadership/instructor camp with Master Thomas was an awesome experience and great opportunity to learn from one of the best. I would most definitely recommend it to others passionate for taekwondo. I enjoyed getting to interact with the other enthusiastic and motivated individuals from the various academies. Both the instructors’ and students’ dedication to taekwondo and all its aspects, from learning and studying it, to mentoring and teaching others through the leadership and instructor programs, was and is really a great sight to see and be part of. The camp allowed me to improve my forms, board breaks, and sparring through proper technique, focus, and practice. However, even more important to me was how it enhanced my confidence in my own personal abilities and in being a leader in the dojahng. I look forward to the future with ATA.

Helene J.