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Building A Skillset to Stand Strong Against Bullying 

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Bullying Is The Most Common Danger Affecting Kids! 

One in three kids are affected by bullying at any given time, yours is likely to be involved in some way in their life. Karate teaches children self-confidence, assertiveness, and conflict resolution skills, which can help them deal with bullying situations effectively. In fact, one study reported a greater reduction in bullying by doing martial arts than school-based bullying prevention programs!

Some more info about bullying...

Bullying can hurt self-esteem, increase depression, cause physical illness, create thoughts of suicide and more. Kids who bully often do worse at school, drink, steal, and have other troubling behavior.


of kids are getting bullied (2 to 3 times a month or more!)


of kids bully other kids


of kids bully others and are getting bullied. This is a very high risk group for other issues.

up to %

increase iin depression, physical illness, and thoughts of suicide

What is bullying?

Bullying is defined as “persistent threatening and aggressive physical behavior or verbal abuse directed toward other people, especially those who are younger, smaller, weaker, or in some other situation of relative disadvantage.” Bullying is different from other types of conflict or violence which is why it’s not always clear what to do.

Why does Karate help?

By instilling a sense of self-worth and resilience, karate empowers children to stand up for themselves assertively and seek assistance from trusted adults when faced with bullying behavior. Additionally, the discipline and respect cultivated in karate classes foster positive relationships and discourage bullying among peers, creating a supportive and inclusive community.

Parents, Changing Lives Martial Arts Helps Kids Stand Up To Bullying!

No one should ever become a target or victim in life, though unfortunately for most of us, it is almost inevitable to occur in some form at some point. Changing Lives Martial Arts takes bullying very seriously and stands up to protect youth within the community. Martial Arts students learn to stand up for themselves and others, to stand firm and proud!

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Empowerment Through Upstanders

Stop Bullying As Seen On The Go2 Karate Initiative Series

We support the Go2 Karate movement against bullying with our comprehensive anti-bullying programs, as featured on the Go2 Karate Initiative Series. These initiatives empower individuals and communities to stand up, speak out, and create safer environments for all. With proven strategies and support, together we can make a difference and put an end to bullying once and for all. Together, let's build a future free from fear and intimidation.

Did You Know?

Many Kids Are Attending Changing Lives Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake So They Don't Become A Statistic




At Changing Lives Martial Arts we work with children teaching quality life skills in martial arts that deliver great results at home, in school, and in the community. Learning how and when to manage bullying is key.


40 Seconds


We believe in supporting parents with drills and skills that will keep their children safe. From situational awareness to safe self-defense we want martial arts training to give them the tools to keep them safe.


1 in 5


Children need our support. We work hand in hand with parents to ensure our students make the right choices. At Changing Lives Martial Arts we work with each student one on one with support when needed.

Develop High Self-Esteem

The physical and psychological effects of bullying are often extremely harmful, far-reaching, and long-lasting. Bullying commonly begins by the 2nd grade, and occurs throughout life. Bullying can be physical, verbal, or indirect, and can range from mild teasing to spreading rumors to pushing and hitting. Bullying frequently occurs on the internet as well. Having high self-esteem gained through martial arts training helps children stand up to the negative issue associated with bullying. It is important for a child to develop a high self-esteem and strong friendships to distance themselves from situations where they could be bullied.

Building Strong Leaders

The team of instructors at Changing Lives Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake is empowering adults and children to resist and overcome the harmful phenomenon of bullying by building strong leaders in the community through Martial Arts. It gravely concerns LainaLee Rambow when children are victimized by anyone, especially their peers. Being a victim of a bully can lead to a child avoiding school, developing life-long anxieties, plotting and performing violent acts of vengeance, and even committing suicide.

We Give You The Tools To Succeed

Here at Changing Lives Martial Arts we equip you and your children with the tools necessary to succeed in every situation. We will teach your child to walk away (while staying calm and not running), tell the assailants to stop and leave him or her alone, and to use humor to rapidly halt a bullying situation. Making eye contact with others (especially the bully) and to talking with a strong voice are also shown to reduce the occurrences. Naturally, we also teach skills for self-defense when conflicts turn physical.

This is a GIFT that will last a lifetime through school, college and into the work world.

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