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Remote Learning Camp

Remote Learning Camp

Changing Lives Martial Arts
While Classrooms Are Empty…

We Are Here To Serve Our Community.

Veteran Owned Business Serving Our Community Since 1991
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It’s official in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk.

Virginia Beach Public Schools have returned to a 100% VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT.

Changing Lives Martial Arts Remote Program

What We Offer To Public and Private School Students

Serving Virginia Beach & Chesapeake

Our Instructors Have Background Checks & Have Been Teaching For Years In Our Community.

City Wide Partners In Education Since 1991

  • SAFE Social Distance: With safe social communication that every child needs being out of school.
  • REMOTE Learning Stations: Children will get help with their schoolwork.
  • HIGH-SPEED Internet: We have the fastest speed commercially available.
  • Karate For Kids LIFE SKILLS Lessons: Courtesy, Respect, Self-Discipline, ….
  • SAFETY-Defense: During this volatile time we are teaching safe techniques and situational awareness.
  • FUN Social Distancing Learning Games: Motivating and always in a fun learning environment.

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We are only accepting 15 students per day

Changing Lives Martial Arts Remote Program

Children Will Be Safe At CLMA

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At Remote Camp, we stress the importance of safety by creating a safe and frequently cleaned environment that requires clear-cut goals and values. Students will learn to sense that they are part of their pod in an orderly, safe environment and this helps them develop a positive self-image.

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Remote Learning Camp

Customizable Sessions & Fee Structure

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At CLMA We Offer A Variety Of Programs


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Cancellation Policy: No Refunds

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Changing Lives Martial Arts Remote Program

Arrival & Dismissal Guidelines

Hand Sanitizer

Morning Arrival

Our CLMA Staff members will escort everyone into our facility to their designated social distancing area where staff members are ready to supervise their arrival and the plan for the day. All students will have to sign-in at the front desk and use the hand sanitizer station.

Afternoon Dismissal

Report to the front desk and give the students name to one of the staff members. Present acceptable photo ID, and the staff member will verify your identity using the “Authorized Adult” system (part of Remote Learning).

For dismissal before 4 PM

Send in a note informing us of the pickup time, and who will be picking up the camper. Notes must be addressed to the Program Director. Upon arrival, report to the front desk and give the students name to one of the staff members. Present acceptable photo ID, and the staff member will verify your identity. The students name will be announced and a staff member will escort the student to you.

For dismissal before 4 PM (without prior notice)

Call the camp office 471-9022 at least 30 minutes prior to your arrival so that we may prepare the camper for dismissal. If you do not call in advance, you may be asked to wait for up to 15 minutes when you arrive.

Students who arrive late that day (after morning assembly) must be signed in by a parent or legal guardian. Students must always be signed out by an authorized adult when departing from CLMA.

Lunch, Drinks, and Snacks

Snack Time

Students must bring in their own lunch and beverage. Please make sure these are labeled with the students full name.

The following are not permitted:

Nuts. We have a No Nuts policy to keep children safe

Glass Bottles

Carbonated Beverages (i.e. soda, Red Bull, etc.)

Chewing Gum

Candy (i.e. chocolate, candy bars, lollipops, suckers, gummies, etc.)

About Changing Lives

Changing Live Martial Arts logo
Changing Lives has a been a city-wide partner in Virginia Beach since 1991 and actively involved with helping children grow within our communities in both Virginia Beach & Chesapeake, Virginia.

Life Skills That Change Lives…

@ Changing Lives Martial Arts Academy

We have been teaching safe self-defense and the CLMA Life Skills® Program to children in our community in the Tidewater and Hampton Roads area for nearly 30 years.

  • Better Grades
  • Heightened Concentration
  • Enhanced Self-Discipline
  • Improvement At Home
  • Higher Levels Of Awareness
  • Enhanced Social Skills
  • ADD/ADHD, Our Programs Positively Support Families

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life skills

Get To Know The Academy Owner

Master Instructor Tracy Lee Thomas

The owner is a Master Instructor and 8th degree black belt and an influencer amongst martial arts school owners world-wide. After actively serving this great country in 1991 he opened a small chain of martial arts schools.

He is the Founder of Changing Lives Martial Arts.

Please feel free to visit his author page at:

Visit TracyLThomas.Life

Master Tracy Lee Thomas

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