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Partnerners in education Partners in the Community

Local Business’ Support Changing Lives Martial Arts Students

Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts Partners in the community program is a “Business to Business” relationship that focuses on working with each other within the community”, states Senior Master Thomas. Together the business to business program creates a bond of entrepreneurs, managers and employees that work together on common goals. Changing Lives Martial Arts is a city wide Partners In Education Partner with the city of Virginia beach schools working to help our community children, their teachers and the city of Virginia Beach. CLMA offers several perks for business owners and community members.

-Becoming an active team member in the community:

Working with the school system’s and CLMA changing the lives of the youth in our community with the strength and partnership of a business to business relationship.

-Special offers to clients through the building blocks of a business to business program:

Here each business can offer their clientele something special from another business. Example: if your client purchases a pizza they get “Two Weeks Free” at Changing Lives Martial Arts. If they were to enroll into a program at your business they would receive “Two Weeks Free at Changing Lives Martial Arts.

-Strengthening business in the community:

By offering your managers, employees and their families a FREE or discounted program at Changing Lives Martial Arts you have a great perk and reward system. Please contact our business to business coordinator to manage a special offer for your team. 757-471-9022


Place your information here on the Changing Lives Martial Arts website where our students can see what special offer you have for them.

-Email Marketing:

Business owners may select to sponsor a monthly email with their logo and offer on the bottom of all our email blasts for a agreed upon time frame, basically a custom email template for your company.

-Tournament Sponsors:

Business owners may select to sponsor our annual martial arts tournament or simply set-up a professional booth at our yearly event where thousands of people attend.

-Invited Guests:

Business owners may be invited to our testing’s and/or graduations. As a “Special Guest” you will be asked to sign your autograph for the students and if you have handout marketing material please bring them along so our martial arts family gets to know yours.

As a special Perk and Reward. Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. has partnered up with Changing Lives Martial Arts to offer all of our students, family members, and business to business (B2B) community partners several FREE offers for joining our community program.

1) A FREE Marketing Analysis of your online business website and marketing. Provided by Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. a marketing and consulting company locally owned and operated.

2) A FREE online Competitor analysis and reputation management, what others are saying about You and Your business.

3) One FREE Webinar on “How To Place Your Marketing Puzzle Pieces Together 4 U.” They are here to help you grow your business as that have with ours.

For more information call Rev Marketing 2 U at 1234-Rev2U-55 and mention Changing Lives Martial Arts website and you will get the three offers above for FREE plus a 10% discount on any website or SEM/SEO package.

Thank you to all of our Changing Lives Martial Arts Community Businesses. We appreciate you offering our martial arts members and their families a discount!

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