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Self Defense with rp_City_rp Karate Classes

Whether you are seeking to keep your child safe, or give him/her the life skills such as respect and self-discipline taught in a karate kids class, Changing Lives Martial Arts and Krav Maga are serving teaching karate classes in rp_City_rp. Helping children stay safe with self defense techniques, situational awareness and the necessary karate skills to keep them confident when threat occurs. The Keeping Kids Safe program is a fun and engaging program that teaches young children several valuable safety lessons that include; escaping an aggressor’s grasp, how to identify a threat and how to identify and maintain their personal karate style “circle of safety”. The safety lessons keep the children tuned in and are taught in a fun and safe environment. The students are trained and are challenged while learning skills that could help keep them safe and potentially save their live or that of another.

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Protect Yourself in rp_City_rp, rp_State_rp

It’s important to feel safe and secure in your daily life. The FBI unified crime report covers most rp_City_rp crimes but one that stands out is that there are more than 10,531 violent crimes here every year. So it only makes sense that people in rp_City_rp turn to Changing Lives Martial Arts to find martial arts, karate, taekwondo, etc. classes to help keep them safe. To have a sense of safety is to be prepared for what comes next; however, without any sort of professional instructions most instinctual actions are to just freeze. Learn to protect yourself in various ways by learning various styles martial arts.

Annual Crime Rates in rp_City_rp, rp_State_rp

[rev_chart_pie title=”rp_City_rp rp_State_rp Crime Rates” data=”(‘Crime’, ‘Number’),(‘Murders’, 17),(‘Rapes’, 107),(‘Robberies’, 252),(‘Assaults’, 284),(‘Burglaries’, 1050),(‘Thefts’, 8396),(‘Auto Thefts’, 365),(‘Arson’, 60)”]

[rev_chart_column title=”rp_City_rp Crime Rates in 2014″ data=”(‘City’, ‘US Average’, { role: ‘style’ }),(‘Violent Crime’, 94.8, ‘red’),(‘U.S. Average’, 202.6, ‘silver’),(‘Property Crime’, 158.7, ‘red’),(‘U.S. Average’, 232.8, ‘silver’)”]

Don’t Be A Victim!

According to our research of rp_State_rp and other state lists there were 41 registered sex offenders living in rp_City_rp, rp_State_rp as of December 05, 2016.
The ratio of number of residents in rp_City_rp to the number of sex offenders is 10,903 to 1.
The number of registered sex offenders compared to the number of residents in this city is a lot smaller than the state average.

Law Enforcement Stats in rp_City_rp, rp_State_rp

Law Enforcement always seems to show up when you make a driving infraction, but what about when you’re in danger and need Law Enforcement to help. In rp_State_rp, there are 787 Officers, does that help you to sleep at night? No? Do you know that to do when you need to defend yourself? Perhaps you should take the first step in to lead a safer life.

Check out the stats in rp_City_rp

[rev_chart_bar title=”Full-time law enforcement employees in 2014, including police officers: 964 (787 officers)” data=”(”, ”),(‘Number of Officers’, 1.74),(‘rp_State_rp Average’, 2.27)” vaxis=”” haxis=”per 1,000 residents”]

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