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Learn teamwork with martial arts

May 24, 2023

Teamwork is perhaps one of the most valuable assets a person can have, that sense of teamwork, that sense of being able to trust and rely on others. That’s because we learn as adults that none of us can accomplish anything worthwhile without help.
We all need help in some form or fashion, somewhere along the way.
And we discover that with teamwork we can often overcome challenges greater than ourselves.
Interestingly enough kids learn this through their video games. They learn to go on quests, and defeat great villains through teamwork, because they have to have many members of a party to fulfill different functions. And they all realize that they can’t achieve certain goals and can’t accomplish certain tasks alone. They have to have others by their sides.
But interestingly enough also, they seldom seem to take this action or mindfulness into the world with them. They know it, but they don’t act on it because they seldom encounter events or instances where they make that same connection from one to the other.
It’s only through team building activities that they learn to work within a team structure. And it is only through events in which they must accomplish something that is bigger than them that they see the need for it and the necessity. That’s why kids join up in team sports, to learn those things. And they do learn them, but there’s also another sport and activity in which they learn them at a much higher and more efficient rate.
And that is the martial arts. And here’s why.
Initially speaking, the martial arts seems like a solitary endeavor. So you perform or participate or train in a class, with other classmates. But you have to earn the belt or rank on your own, so it seems. You have to demonstrate the skills that the instructor is teaching by yourself, in front of them in order to advance in rank. No one else can stand in for you or do it for you.
You have to do it yourself.
But the difference here is that in order to learn the mastery of the things the instructor teaches you have to seek help from others, and you have to learn to offer that help to others.
So you learn that you are doing things yourself, and you are developing a trust and reliance upon yourself insofar as the capabilities you bring to the effort and commitment. But you also realize that you have a support network that you have to call on and will call on at various points in your time there. There may be certain moves or forms that you have a difficulty with and others can help you see your errors, or the places where you can make a change which helps you get over that hump, and learn that thing. Just as you learn to help others. You are utilizing your strengths to help others overcome their weaknesses just as they are doing for you.
And in this way you learn the deeper value of a team.
You learn that you have to achieve your rank and belt. And you have to achieve all of them in the martial art to achieve the black belt and the mastery of that form.
But you learn that to achieve each of those belts and ranks you will at times have to depend on others for help. And you learn that with your help others can achieve their rank.
This then creates an environment in which each individual is strengthening themselves, but also at the same time learning strength through the unity of each other working together toward a common goal.
Then through habit and ritual of the martial arts a student learns to take that with them into their life outside the school and apply it where it is most beneficial.
And as they enter a world in which they find a trade, or job, they learn that they will be constantly working with a team. They’ll already understand the value of that and understand how and why it is beneficial to them. This will naturally help them progress faster, and work more efficiently, and therefore find more opportunities opened to them.
It’s simply a fact that a lot of people profess to know about teamwork and value it. But they do so only insofar as it benefits them personally, and their advancement. And then they leave others behind until the time comes when they need help again.
But the martial arts teaches students to value their community, and indeed see that they cannot excel or advance without it. And they learn that the community is only as strong as its members.
So they learn the value of commitment to something greater than themselves.
People recognize that, and people respect and appreciate that. And it builds loyalty and trust. And those are invaluable assets to anyone at any point in life. So when a person learns that sooner rather than later, life becomes a lot easier, and a whole lot more profitable in the long run.
And a perfect way to prove this point is to invite you into a martial arts class and see with your own eyes how well teamwork is practiced and taught here. You are certain to come away with a new respect and appreciation for the art, and for the people who practice it. And you may find that you might want to be a part of that yourself.
A community of support and help is waiting. All you have to do is enroll and step forward with that commitment.

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