CLMA Staff

Changing Lives Martial Arts Basic Mission & Vision Statements:

Changing Lives Martial Arts is seeking those individuals who are motived and energetically ready to change the lives of the community members through martial arts training and life skills. If you are interested in applying for one of the positions please submit a resume.

Program Director Mission & Vision Statement:

Mission is to attract and attain new students while changing lives in our community. Enthusiastic and motivated by the opportunity to impact someone’s life from the beginning of their Martial Arts Journey and to build and strengthen the academy through like-minded students and parents. The Program Director manages, maintains and controls the flow of new members, introductory to martial arts, privates, evaluations and client communication.
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Academy Manager Mission & Vision Statement:

Mission is to assume responsibly and the integrity of the academy in Martial Arts, Business, and Operations while always enhancing top level customer service to both the students and parents. Always growing, and moving forward. Constantly being vigilant and monitoring progress and selecting self-replacement for advancement.
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Business Manager Mission & Vision Statement:

Mission is to motivate and manage Changing Lives Martial Arts Team members and managers by ensuring tasks are accomplished in a timely manner, proper work ethics, systems, and man hrs, are maintained, and events are completed according to CHANGING LIVES MA & KM standards and systems. The CHANGING LIVES MA & KM Manager preserves the overall expenses while incorporating checkpoints to effectively control the integrity of CHANGING LIVES MA & KM.
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Operations Manager Mission & Vision Statement:

Mission is to responsibly develop, maintain, and positively influence team members on current operation systems systems and to ensure effective man hrs and organization at Changing Lives Martial Arts are run efficiently. The Operations Manager utilizes problem solving techniques at both strategic and operational levels while ensuring the CHANGING LIVES MA & KM academies gross and is maintained.
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Team Trainer Mission & Vision Statement:

Mission is to ensure that a well-informed, and trained staff can effectively perform tasks at hand in an efficient and highly motivated manner while maintaining the verification training checklists from Base to Peak. The Team Trainer adheres to the CHANGING LIVES MA & KM SAR philosophy while knowingly maintains the level of contacts and new members in the academies.
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Core Trainer Mission & Vision Statement:

Mission is to strategically develop and maintain course curriculum, training drills, and martial arts incorporated teaching skills while ensuring that both students and Team Members are trained at the highest level possible. The Core Trainer ensures continued growth and the highest quality with the CHANGING LIVES MA & KM academies advanced training, workshops and testing/graduations.
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Multi-School Manager Mission & Vision Statement:

Mission statement is to review, oversee, maintain, academy martial arts, operations and business while showing the highest level of leadership and managerial skills. The Multi-School Manager manages daily monitoring and adjusting of team members, MOB, SAR and effectively communicates with CHANGING LIVES MA & KM and its Team Members. These individuals are personally selected by Master Thomas for future partnerships in CLMA affiliated martial arts academies.
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Coaching/Consultant Mission & Vision Statement:

Mission is to carry the system of CHANGING LIVES MA & KM to other Academies in a manner that will greatly increase the level of their business in the three areas of their MOB. Training Instructors on Business and Operations and guiding the implementation into Academies with a well thought out SOLUTIONS, then Taking ACTION putting the system into place, and Monitoring the RESULTS (SAR). The CLMA coach and consultants are effective communicators and great leaders.
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CLMA Affiliate School Owner Mission & Vision Statement:

Mission is to carry the system of CHANGING LIVES MA & KM into their own academy as an entrepreneur with the ongoing updates and resources provided by Master Thomas and his team. Utilizing the MOB and SAR systems that are known as a successful trademark at CLMA.
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