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belt graduation and ceremony with belts

Belt Graduation and Ceremony

February 24, 2021

belt graduation and ceremony with belts

By Changing Lives Martial Arts, locations in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.

color belts

Belt graduation is the demonstration of skills that the students have learned throughout the cycle. This is a big deal for everyone involved including the families of the students. This is where the students get to shine and show off those amazing skills that they have been working so hard to perfect during the cycle.

Its exciting as the student because your family is there to watch and see the curriculum you’ve been learning. It is also a little nerve recking because there is a table in the front of the room with your instructors that are now your judges. We all know what those nerves feel like because at some point the instructors were students too. Mrs.Rambow wanted to share about her belt graduation as a color belt her instructors would ask her to show off her favorite move or moves she learned in that cycle. And this is how she shook the nerves of belt graduation.  What is your way to shake the nerves of belt graduation?

Belt Ceremony

Belt ceremony is where the students are presented with their new ranks. Each student will get their name called and new rank tied on them. More recently since the pandemic we have still been able to present the belt to the student but not able to tie the new rank on the students. This also was a big party after the presentation of the belts and was a potluck, which we cannot do and we cannot wait until we can again.


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