Martial Arts for Mental Development

Testimonial 9 Martial Arts for Mental Development
Testimonial 9 100x100 Martial Arts for Mental Development

When I signed up both my boys, Jacob (10 years old) and Lucas (6 years old), for Taekwondo at ATA, I didn’t really know what to expect from the program. Now 2 years later it’s amazing to see the young men my boys have become. Strength, Balance, Discipline, Respect, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Dedication. I never thought that I would have used those terms with my boys, but now it’s an everyday occurrence. To have my youngest Lucas open a door for an elderly priest, really makes a mother proud. Lucas has become a more independent, responsible young man. My oldest son Jacob, who battles adversity being an ADHD child, has thrived off of the structure that ATA delivers. He has so much more confidence now, and has become an integral young adult.While all these attributes are wonderful, ATA has also given me something. I am a military wife, and at ATA, I have found family. The instructors always welcome us with a smile and positive attitude, and as a mother, when it’s been a difficult day; it means the world to me. To have the opportunity to engage in conversation and develop friendships, has been wonderful, to say the least. I feel blessed to know these friendships that have developed in the Do-Jang will continue outside their doors for years to come.

Nichole H.