Gear Questions
Senior Master Thomas
Changing Lives Martial Arts

Is all this gear really necessary?

Last year my son grew six inches and gained 50 pounds; translation, I had to buy protective ATA foot gear a second time. It’s so expensive and he is heading for another growth spurt. Is all this equipment necessary?

YES! A lot more is changing than height and weight. We notice the emotional and physical changes in children as they grow however, the mental and skeletal changes we can’t see are just as important and unpredictable. During growth spurts the bones are growing quicker than the muscles and tendons. Even as they reach their full height, their skeletal and muscular systems are not fully developed, making children vulnerable to injury. During the growth spurts, your child will probably be less coordinated until he or she adjusts to the physical change. This is normal, but can cause injuries if protective gear does not fit properly

Are you considering buying a larger size? ATA Mouth guards and athletic cups are relatively inexpensive, especially considering the protection they offer. Make sure they fit properly and replace them with new ones as needed. ATA Head gear should also fit properly. Tight gear may cause head-aches, but loose gear may slip and blind an oncoming punch or not offer the protection where needed. As children advance in martial arts, the foot and hand gear will usually wear out before it can be out-grown. If the foot gear is a little large, consider wearing padded insteps for a better fit. Be certain the fingers fit in the hand gears’ finger tabs.

Periodically check the ATA equipment at all flex or stress points for wear; this is any place the gear bends, flexes or has an air hole. If you have any questions about fit or wear, ask an instructor. Ask and watch for sales and let friends and relatives know during gift giving holidays if there is something they can order from the school.

Can I use old equipment, used or purchase from another location?

The answer is no to this question, as the academy policy is all gear is to be purchased through Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts. All gear will be appropriately fitted and ordered specifically for each student. This is why we do not carry stock on these items. Our goal is “SAFETY FIRST” and to ensure the longevity of the gear. Example: a toe sticking out past the foot pad can cut or bruise another student. Too tight of gear could break a student’s toe or curl the toe as they are jumping while training.

To assist in preventing bone and muscle injuries during growth spurts, be certain your child warms-up and then stretches before any physical activity. Stop if pain occurs, because this is not normal and can cause serious injury. Train your child to avoid continuous repetitious motions that can affect growth development. Call your health care provider with any questions or concerns you may have. If at any time during a training session a student feels uncomfortable or unsure they are to speak to an instructor immediately. Please teach your child that it is o.k. to ask the instructor a question. Parents may also ask after class or during class if they feel it is urgent. Coaching or speaking, hand signally a child from the lobby is “Unsafe” and is not permitted on the premises of any of our locations.

We thank all of our students in advance for their support in ensuring the safety of our students while training at CLMA.