Karate For Kids PreSchool 280x190 Children, Self Respect, and Martial Arts Why it Works

Why Children Should Learn Martial Arts It is an open knowledge that martial arts provide children with a good dose of self-respect. Their self-esteem rises as well. Martial arts training will help your children to learn important lessons in life. What your children will learn now will help them throughout their lifetime. Their activity will […]

goals 1 280x190 Success and the Right Attitude will help You Meet Goals

Bringing¬† Success to your Mindset A large factor of success lies in bringing the right attitude and mindset to your endeavors. By staying focused and positive you can achieve your aims more quickly. Maintaining a success oriented mindset can help put you on the path to leading a more successful fulfilling life. A lack of […]

bullying 280x190 Bullying Affects Everyone and is Associated with the Negative

Bullying and its Effects Bullying affects everyone- from the person being bullied, to the person doing the crime and to those who silently witness such tactics. This activity is associated with a number of negative outcomes. It has a marked impact on substance abuse, suicide and mental health. And that is why it is extremely […]

Krav Maga Knife Defense1 Knife Defense Seminar with Grand Master Nominee G. K. Lee

Protech Knife Seminar Don’t miss this opportunity to train with Grand Master Nominee, 9th Degree Black Belt, Masters’ Council and Founding Member, Black Belt Magazine, U.S. Martial Arts and Taekwondo Times Magazine Hall of Fame Member, International Director of Protech, Chief Master G.K. Lee. Certification Requirements $220, Includes weapon.¬† Price increases to $279 March 7, […]