Greetings CLMA Family! Summer is over and school is here! But don’t worry, we still have some fun activities and tournaments coming up to keep everyone busy! Check it out below and be sure to mark the dates on your calendar! Current Testing Cycle Life Skill:  Discipline Next Testing Cycle Life Skill:  Self Esteem Weapon […]
Greetings CLMA Family! Can you believe summer is almost over and it will be time for school again before you know it! Make sure you check out the last couple of events we have scheduled before the kids head back to school! Current Testing Cycle Life Skill: Communication Next Testing Cycle Life Skill: Discipline Weapon […]
Why Children Should Learn Martial Arts It is an open knowledge that martial arts provide children with a good dose of self-respect. Their self-esteem rises as well. Martial arts training will help your children to learn important lessons in life. What your children will learn now will help them throughout their lifetime. Their activity will […]
Goals and the Importance of Focus A typical toddler can never focus on a sole task and that is because of their inherently less attention span. Children will do a dozen different things within a span of an hour. This quality is quite natural. A child finds the world around him or her extremely interesting- […]